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Air2App offers a complete line of products and services connecting your field equipment to local and Internet based end users.

Our most recent addition is the AZN network. AZN is a wireless mesh network connecting hundreds of sensors, controllers, PLCs, and instruments to a host controller or an Internet client.

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Custom Applications
In addition to off the shelf products, Air2App specializes in custom design. Many of our customer’s applications require some degree of modification. From a small change in protocol to a specialized signal conditioning circuit, Air2App’s mindset is to meet your application needs. If you don’t see what you need in the products below see our Custom Applications.

AZN Product Details (PDF)
AZN: Air2App’s implementation of the Zigbee Network
AZN Components: AZN access points and gateways
AP101 Serial AirPoint: RS-232, RS-485, and TTL remote serial access
AP100 MultiIO AirPoint: Analog / digital inputs, relay contact outputs
AP103 MultiIO AirPoint: Digital inputs and relay contact outputs
AP104 Power Monitor: Power outage monitror / network extender
AP105 Battery Powered Switch AirPoint: Battery powered magnetic switch
AG101/AG102 Serial Airates: Local RS-232, RS-485, TTL, USB - AZN gateways
AG110 Cellular / WiFi / Ethernet AirGate: AZN gateway to the Internet

AirBase Product Details (PDF)
AB9000 Cellular AirBase: RS232 Internet connect with DF1 support

Full Product Tree (PDF)

Applications (PDF)
AZN Wireles Multi-Drop Replacement: Replace RS-485 multi-drop cabling and reduce installation costs, locate equipment equipment where needed, add or move equipment anytime.
How easy could it be: HarborAlert, an advanced recreational and commercial boat monitoring system was developed by applying AZN modules.